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What is life or a holiday, without a good portion of tasty and sumptious meal? Nothing.

At The Fort Mercara, you will be surprised with the variety of authentic North Indian, Kodava special and Chinese Cuisine that is served in our hotel.

Pick our North Indian cuisine and you will experience the rich and distinguished flavours of dairy products, meats, cereals, pulses, vegitables, kebabs, and breads at hotel in madikeri. We do have plenty for our meat lovers, our menu does give you the options to choose from a pleothra of breads, rice, gravies and dry dishes.

When you think it is just finished, trust us, it is not. For those who love a continental affair, try our continental dishes like the fried rice and noodles. They are light on your stomach and delightful on your taste buds. The sauses, gravies, the pan fries, the tossed fries are some that will make you come back for more.

We left our menu out of our website, as we dont want to steal the curiosity.

For the foodies it is paradise found

The Fort Mercara, also has a wide range North Indian dishes for those far away from home. Our menu is global, our hearts Coorgi

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